Monday, November 5, 2007

News to Me

I attended teacher conferences today for my two youngest. One is in kindergarten the other in 3rd grade. I knew Nat was doing well in kindergarten. It is all coming pretty easy for her thus far, and she's a confident and outgoing little girl. Moo however, I knew was struggling a bit. I was getting papers returned with incomplete, late, or just poor grades on them. I have been a bit frustrated so I was looking forward to hearing her teacher's input.

The teacher confirmed that Shelby has not been working to her potential. I was expecting to hear that she is just not getting it, that she's just not quite as smart as I thought, or that she had a learning disability. But no, the teacher told me she's smart and should easily be an honor roll student. No, surprisingly Shelby's problem is that she flirts with the boys in class and doesn't get her work done!

The teacher has moved her many times, but hasn't found a spot to put her yet that keeps her from being chatty with a girl, or flirty with one of the boys. She says she's never seen a girl this age so flirty. Little Shelby is a cutie too. I always tease that she is actually my sister's child because with her long, honey-blond hair and blue eyes she looks just like my sister did as a child.

The news that my sweet child was the class vixen was quite a bombshell for me. I know she likes to be social, but she's usually more on the shy side. Now I've learned that my girl is boy crazy at the ripe old age of 8! The first thing that came into my head was: what the heck am I in for when she hits middle school!

I've always pegged Shelby as my easy child, my sweetie, my lovable little angel, now I have to think of her as the little heartbreaker, the vamp, the siren! Well, I am thankful that I know now, early on, and can prepare to go to battle when she wants to start dating in the 6th grade! Sheesh...I may have to look into all girl boarding schools or something...who says girls are easy to raise?!

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Hick said...

Ha, ha, ha...this made me laugh. At 8, even! Sis has shown me pictures of your little ones and they are quite the little cuties. Looks like you will have your hands full.