Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updating Before It's All Outdated


The girls started school on Wednesday and are thrilled to be able to walk to school. Mike had to be in charge of first day of school duties (his first time ever) because I started my new job that day. He did a good job. Even getting a photo of them with the principal (bonus points!)

Sis signed up for classes at the local community college and will start at the end of August. It's strange not having her around all the time. Since the move, she's moved in with her dad (only a mile away). Even when she was home, I didn't see her a lot, but at least we had a few minutes a day where we could touch base with each other. I miss that.

I started my new job as a one-on-one aide at a special ed preschool on Wednesday as well. I love it. I feel so blessed to have a job like this that's so rewarding.

I'm still working at the lodge, and yesterday as I went from my kid-centered preschool job to my adult-centered waitressing job I was struck by just how different my two jobs are. At one it's all about play and enthusiasm and simple words, at the other it's all about adult conversation, efficiency and being business-like. Kind of weird to have to shift gears like that all in one day.

Also on Wednesday, Bub and Cass came up to visit for the day. We managed to fit a lot into their short visit. We took a tour of some local caverns:

Wow, that's a really big....thumb

It was really hard to get a decent photo in the close quarters of the cavern.

We then came home and made pizza, then we walked down to the lake, and came back home and had pie and I cut Bub's hair. We had lots of laughs and fun times.

Bub was in love with the orange kitty, Princess

and Cass, who's allergic to cats, was a real trooper who loaded herself up on allergy meds so that she could enjoy them too.

The kittens are doing really well. Im not having to bottle feed them anymore. They're still on formula but I'm mixing some soft cat food with it now. They are climbing and running now and playing like crazy. They are so ridiculously cute. Here is where they like to sleep now with their "surrogate mother":

Consider yourself updated.


Arya said...

Your kitties are just too cute. Glad they are not having to be bottle fed, makes it easier on you and it looks like they are adjusting very well and have made a home for life...

Congrats on your new job, I bet it's super rewarding.

Momza said...

Wow. You are a busy glad everything is working out for you and your family. Sometimes it's a wonder how things do come together, but they sure do.
And your kitty is just so sweet.
Thanks for the update...have i told you that I LOVE that you work with Special Needs Kids? I do.

The American Homemaker said...

Sounds like things are crazy, but good at your house. (I know the feeling. lol)