Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Madly Scientific

With Moo gone to a birthday party, I had Nat all to myself. We just recently got a slimy science kit from Scholastic, so she wanted to do an experiment.

First we put a layer of corn syrup (colored red),
then some blobs of baking soda, then a layer of water, and finally a layer of oil. Just that was pretty cool, then we started with the fun stuff, adding vinegar (colored blue).
First just dropping some and watching it turn into blobs between the water and oil, then pushing through to the baking soda for bubbling action. It was really neat to play with.

We're going to do it again when Moo gets home. It was cool to hear Nat say, "I'm smart!" and "I like science!" All through school science was boring for me, but we only did book learning. I think hands on experiments definitely make the difference!

And for my sister, an obligatory kitten picture:

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Arya said...

Hands on is the best and any way you can encourage the love of science is always a plus. I didn't like science much until I hit high school and all of a sudden it was fun because we were doing and not just reading about all the cool stuff.

My favorite was when we went thru owl droppings and found different skeletons and tried to figure out the animals just by their bones.