Thursday, November 5, 2009

Really Cool, Awesome, Fun, Ramblin's (for me anyway)

Today I took the girls to Walmart and got them each a new dress (and then a new school outfit too, cause I'm a pushover like that) because they have a special church program on Sunday. It was just cool that I had the money to do that. I love that I have a decent job. I mean it's not enough to live off of or anything, but it is enough that I can spend a little money on the kids without my stomach turning into a knot. Fun!
And speaking of money, and spending it...Over the last couple months I've been making payments to a lady for a kayak and I finally got to bring it home on Monday. It was really a great deal. It's virtually new (she used it twice in the 2 years since she bought it) and the price included a cart to pull it on, and then she gave me a brand new life jacket and tie downs and stuff. Awesome!

The funny thing is I hate the water. I'm very cat like in that respect. I actually have more of an unnatural fear of water, really, and I don't like swimming either. I think that's because I'm very sensitive to cold, and swimming involves immersing myself in water that is not nearly warm enough by my standards! At any rate, I bought a boat, of all things! Go figure!

I tried kayaking this summer and fell in love with it. It's peaceful, and the boats are light weight and very manuverable. I really love that the little girls, neither one who weighs more than 60 pounds, can help me load and unload it, then can get in it and paddle around with no problem. Really cool for them!
I think it's funny that Nat can say "library" and "Valentine's" just fine (and I hear adults say "liberry" and "Valentime's"), but still mispronounces "chapter" as "chafter".
And Miss Moo won best costume at school for her ghost bride:
Oh and speaking of ghosts... last night I turned off the front porch light, then sat down at the computer, and a few minutes later I turned around and looked and sure enough, the light was back on. And the switch was still in the off position. Hmmmm....But no, it didn't freak me out. It's just kind of funny.
That's it for my cool, awesome, fun and PUZZLING ramblings...


Momza said...

I LOVE that you bought a kayak! How cool is that? Even with the fear of water...something tells me you're ready to deal with that fear and get over it!
Seriously, kudos to you for that!!
And yea! for new dresses! Nothing makes you feel so beautiful as a new dress. Good luck for the primary program!


Arya said...

I don't really like the water much either...but love your kayak!

I love the creativity of Miss Moo's costume, no wonder she won best costume!!

Glad to see your blogging again.

Rose said...

Cool! We kayak with our kids at a nearby lake in the summer. It is so much fun! The cart is a nice accessory to have, too. I always thought kayaking was difficult until I tried it. (that is when we stay out of the Columbia river!) The lake is perfect because it's so calm. I wish we lived closer, I'd love to kayak with you and your girls!

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