Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day! Wooo!

A very cold storm blew through last night and into today, leaving us with 18" of snow and several inches in the towns below us that never get snow. We started out getting a call from the schools that it would be a 2 hour delayed start, but a short time later they called a snow day.

I was up getting ready to go when I got the snow day call, and I promptly returned to bed under my down blanket with dreams of hibernation. Bliss.

I woke up a couple hours later to the sounds of the girls playing and a power outage. The perfect day to put up our tree, drink hot cocoa (thanks to our woodstove), play games, and watch the girls go sledding.

As for decorating the Christmas tree, the cats could not believe their good fortune: we brought a tree INTO the house, and put dangly things all over it! Merry Christmas to them! At least that's what they think! There's no way to keep 3 kittens out of the tree, so we put the unbreakable ornaments at the bottom and we're hoping for the best, with the squirt bottle loaded and ready when they get a little too out of hand.

I had a bad angle on this photo of the girls following a crash, but it's so funny. Miss Moo has snow in her glasses and Nat's laid out flat laughing her bum off.

Just now the girls and Mike are sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Football. Nat asks Mike, "Are you rooting for the Packages?" What?!? Oh, she meant the Packers!!! Too funny! They'll probably be known as the Packages from now on in our house!


Momza said...

THAT is ALOT of Snow!!!! I hope it's coming our's been snowing here for two's -11 degrees here! BRRRR! It sure would be nice to have all that snow here tho! The kids would love another snow day!

Arya said...

We only got a light dusting (maybe an inch or two) of snow last was slick though this morning when I drove the kids to school...

Looks like the kids had fun!

LisAway said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Love it!

Ms. Trisa said...

Thats looks real fun. I parents are panning to take me to snow dome. Hope i too could have fun.

Lara said...

Fun! We are expecting a snow day tomorrow. I hope it happens because I'd like to sleep in and drink hot cocoa all day, too! :)