Friday, August 27, 2010

Anti-Christ Like

I got some disturbing news yesterday. It seems the large community church in our town, the one who's parking lot is filled every Sunday, has for a topic of their adult Sunday School class, Mormon Bashing.

Now I don't think that's the actual title, but that's essentially what it is. They spend an hour every Sunday discussing how horrible the Mormon Church is. Really. There's a website and everything for their parishioners to learn more, including hateful cartoons and misinformation. That's fantastic, isn't it?!?

In contrast, we at the Mormon Church spend our adult Sunday School time learning lessons from the Old Testament, and how we can apply those teachings to our lives. Hmmmm. We spend absolutely ZERO time bashing other churches. I know, amazing, huh? In fact I've never heard any disparaging words about other faiths in a lesson or in casual conversation at my church.

The really discouraging part is that this lesson isn't only taught at the community church in my town, but other churches around the country. Is this really teaching people to be "Christ-like"? Is it uplifting to go to church and listen to hate? Are they really this threatened by the LDS Church that they need to spend time convincing others that we're a bunch of whack-o's?

I'm so thankful that I attend a church that focuses on the teachings of Christ and not hate-mongering.

What Would Jesus Do, indeed!


LisAway said...

That is so frustrating! I love your perspective, though and I am also grateful that this is not a part of our religion. Not quite sure why other religions think it's important to "teach" their parishioners about how bad and strange the Mormons are. Maybe they should just tell them to meet and get to know one of the weirdos and let them decide for themselves. . . So weird.

Moody said...

This comment is from MOMZA, but I'm such a dork that I accidently hit "delete" instead of "publish" when I was moderating!
"We have high profile churches in our area that also use the pulpit to preach against the LDS faith.
I tell my kids that the reason those preachers are doing that is because they are protecting their professions. If they lose people to the LDS faith, there goes their income! It's not about faith, it's about Money."

I think she makes a VERY good point! Thanks, Momza!

Arya said...

The past month I have spent considerable time defending the church & my beliefs because people seem to think we don't believe in Christ or God and we only believe in Joe SMith's bible (BOM).

I think as LDS we are one of the few if only religion's that is openly bashed in public anymore and apparently it's acceptable and even in mainstream media they are bashing away - not only in the confines of other churches - it's become public forum.

It's really sad and all we can do is set people strait if they ask. WE DO BELIEVE IN CHRIST & we do believe that the book of mormon is another testament of Christ as is the Old/New Testaments too...*sheesh* get it right people ;o)

John said...

I attended a church that did this a regular basis - I hated it. I'm not sure what I was supposed to get out of a lesson/sermon on why others are wrong about their faith, I'm just having enough trouble figuring out my own. Also, I believe it is very prideful and hateful when one thinks they have figured out "the truth" and then spends time "gloating" over the fact. I am struggling with the whole church thing right now - seems like it is either a club or a place to authorize sin is Jesus' name. I am not a Mormon, but I admire the ones I do know and from your blog have been impressed with your commitment to your family and fun. Don't let that church get you down!