Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Terrific Things on 10-10-10

We met Cam and Cass at a pumpkin patch to celebrate Cam's 23rd birthday. (I had him when I was weird to think about that!) What better way to spend 10-10-10 than by doing 10 terrific things. (Not all 10 are illustrated below, I just chose the ten best photos for my post. And I'm sure we did more than 10...)

Zip line ride.

Cam and Miss Moo were the only ones who wanted to do it.

Shooting the pumpkin blaster was definitely a highlight!

Miss Moo and Nat both rang the bell in the nose of the pumpkin and were rewarded with a button. Here is Miss Moo with her button and her ammunition!

On to the corn maze. We were told, "Don't pick the corn, don't eat the corn" when we entered. Yeah. Notice the delinquent in the back with an ear of corn.

It was a perfect day for a pumpkin patch picnic. We had pasties (that's the Cornish pass-tee, not a paste-y, which is a completely different pronunciation and thing), pears, Pringles, peanut brittle, Peeps, and popcorn balls. Fortunately the water was labeled "Premium Bottled Water", otherwise I would've called it purified water.
(I didn't really plan the whole P thing, I just decided on pasties and pumpkin-pecan pie, and then Sis and I were shopping and she suggested the P theme, and we got all excited about it, and the next thing you know I got carried away and there was an embarrassing incident in Rite-Aide in which I yelled out, "Peeps!" at the top of my lungs.)

The birthday boy had pumpkin-pecan pie.

Sis and Trav joined us a little later (just in time for pie of course). Here they are at one of the bridges in the middle of the corn maze.

Snowcones were refreshing. It got really hot! Here Nat shows off her blue raspberry tongue and lips.

And my favorite bunch of pumpkin pickers. (I took the picture and then noticed Nat was absent. She took at least another 20 minutes trying to find the perfect pumpkin in the hot blazing sun.)
Here's the run-down on the Ten Terrific Things:
Zip Line/Pony Ride for Nat
Pumpkin Blasters
Haunted House
Petting Zoo
Train Ride
Corn Maze
Pumpkin Picking

But a great day with my family is always a "10"!

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LisAway said...

I was gonna try to use all the alliteration (with P, of course) that I could in my comment but my brain isn't functioning Properly.

What a great birthday bash and a fun 10 things!