Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Old Guy

I had the most interesting experience today.

I was with my co-worker at an all day training getting re-certified in CPR and first aid, and at lunch we went across the street to Taco Bell.

We were just finishing up when this older gentleman came over and sat next to us in the nearly vacant restaurant. We could tell from the get-go that he was a character. He just had that vibe about him.

Sure enough he starts up a conversation with us. He's an entertainer that has traveled all of California playing his guitar, and he happens to do "free" reflexology at one of the local tourist attractions (I'm guessing he's kind of like a street performer). He wants to know where we're from and knows all the areas we mention (but mostly the bars he's played at in those towns.)

Then he wants to know my birthdate. So I play along and he adds my numbers together (or something) and then proceeds to tell me that I'm a people person, that I do best in jobs that involve helping people and he says some other things that are pretty accurate about my personality.

He asks my friend's birthdate and tells her about the same (not knowing that we're special ed aides), but that she would also do well in sales. He seems to have glommed onto me at this point and starts flattering me. He can't have any ulterior motives that I can figure (being that he's got to be in his 70's), so I'm friendly back.

He then wants to know all my kids birthdates and analyzes them. He nails my oldest daughter. Says she got brains to spare, doesn't need college and would do well in any upper management position (telling people what to do). I tell him she will love to hear this! He also nails my youngest. The other two there are lots of traits he describes that pertain to them, but not as accurate as with Sis and Nat.

At any rate, I'm thoroughly entertained at this point. He was a really nice, friendly old gentleman that said I was "a keeper". My friend and I both enjoyed him.

It's funny how just having this man give me a little positive attention really made my day. Of course anyone loves to hear others praise or compliment them, but for me, always having had very low self-esteem, always feeling invisible, especially as a young adult, it really made my day.

Don't get me wrong...I don't take compliments to heart just from any old crazy person I meet on the street. This guy was special! LOL


Magirk said...

Sounds like a fun experience! ;-D

I'm glad it made you feel good, especially. We all need experiences like that once in a while! (more often would be better than less, right?)

Momza said...

I love meeting people like that!
You walk away feeling better about your self and life than when you arrived.
Very cool.

Janae said...

Such a fun blog--that makes life interesting

Arya said...

Sounds like a very interesting character and sound extremely special. I just love old people (as in all wrinkly and full of spunk) they just have a way about them - plus they are fun to photograph 'cause of all the wrinkles and agedness of their