Friday, May 1, 2009

Stick A Fork in Her...I'm Done

My oldest daughter, Sis, turned 18 this morning at 6:42am. Funny, she woke me up about that time to tell me that her dad gave her her present last night -- a new Ipod, and she wanted to let me know that I could now have her old one. (Woo-hoo! A present for me too!)

It's funny when your kid turns 18. They're now an official ADULT. Yep, you're done. That's it. You've raised them. You did your best, now you get to look back and see how they turned out.

(She turned out fantastic despite me and all the ways I screwed up, by the way!)

Well, I know I'm not done-done, but it IS a landmark birthday, and now she is officially in charge of herself and her actions. I still plan on being her mom and doing all the mom stuff like nagging and such, but I know with her strong personality and her determination and humor that she will do great as an adult.

Happy Birthday to my little girl!


LisAway said...

What a pretty adult! :) Happy Birthday to Sis!

Momza said...

lol "nagging and such"...I'm right there with you!

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Shimmy Mom said...

I hope that she had a wonderful birthday! And I'm sure that you are a huge reason why she is such a great young lady.

Magirk said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! ;-)

Happy Birthday to her.

I'm sure you did a wonderful job as her mother, and that she will be (and has been) a wonderful person. :-)

Way to go, Mom!