Friday, March 12, 2010

A Kid's Dream

So imagine you're somewhere between the ages of 10 and 7, and you get to go to your school after hours and have the place all to yourself to do whatever you want.

You go into the top secret teacher's lounge, where students are strictly prohibited. Then you sit in the secretary's chair and pretend that you're in charge of handing out tardy slips.

You go up on stage and put on an improptu show with your sister that involves hula hoops, dribbling balls and being insanely goofy. You set up the microphone stands and take turns manning the stage curtains.

Then you go to the library to chill out. Do a little browsing among the books, lounge a little on the bean bag chairs, and cuddle with the stuffed animals.

Later you play hide and seek with your sister. So many classrooms to choose from. You find all the secret nooks and crannies, and doors that connect to other classrooms. You run and chase and laugh till you can't breathe.

The best part may be having the entire gym to yourself. You find the stash of balls, jump ropes, and scooter boards and use every one. You put on your Heelie shoes and run and skate with reckless abandon. It doesn't get much better than this!

Imagine how fun it is to explore your school with no rules, no teachers, no time limits.

Yep, that's what Nat and Miss Moo got to do tonight while I worked. Mike has been the substitute night custodian at their school this week, so this evening they got to go hang out with Daddy at their school. I came to pick them up 5 hours later and they STILL weren't ready to leave! They had just WAY too much fun!


AS Amber said...

Oh my gosh I can't imagine how much FUN that would be!!! It really is a kid's dream! Heck, I'd love to get my kids' scooters and ride through the halls of their school!

The only way it could get better is if they got to spend the night.

And yay for you for getting FIVE hours of alone time! LUCKEEEEEE!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds like a GREAT time. I am an Elementary school teacher and my boys LOVE it when I bring them to school after the bell rings. They do pretty much all the things you mentioned.

Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Pretty funny stuff.