Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Wildflowers and Stick Horsie

This is my favorite wildflower

the Leopard Lily.
I'm fortunate to have them growing in my backyard right now.
I have fond memories of seeing these flowers on hikes with my dad. He was big into identifying plants and flowers, and I think this was one of his favorites too.
Dad always called it a Tiger Lily, or "tagger lily" as he would say. I still call it that as well, and was kind of disappointed to know that it had a different name.
And here is our little Nat. Our friend had this old broom when we were camping and told us just to throw it away when we were done with it. That was all well and good until Nat saw the potential of a stick horse in it.
She gave the broom a bath and then created the face, mane, tail, reins and even a saddle out of paper, and transformed it into Cupcake the stick horse.
I was proud of her ingenuity. What a funny kid!

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John Thornburg said...

Thanks for sharing your memories about your dad identifying plants. I used to be a biology teacher and used to ID things for my kids. Hopefully it will bring them the same memories.
Also, I thought your kayak christening was great. Those are memories your girls will never forget. Thanks for sharing!