Monday, July 12, 2010

Fellow Bloggers....Help!

I keep getting comments in an Asian language. Possibly Chinese. I am not sure. I think this person is really a devout follower of my blog because they never miss commenting on a post.

Anyone else have this happen? I finally have changed my comments to moderated so I can choose to reject them. It's not that I dislike my Asian admirer, but because this is the internet and my blog is rather mundane, I doubt the commentors intentions are pure.

Does anyone know if this some sort of scam or spam or phishing or whatever else? Does anyone else have such an avid foreign admirer? Help please!

(Oh gosh, what I would give for an interpreter to read the comment I get from them on this post! Although I deeply expect the comments are trying to get my to buy a penis enlargement cream.)

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LisAway said...

Yeah, that's spam. They're spreading their links to make their website's page rank go up. I ALWAYS delete these comments. The Asian one is becoming very popular. I get them all the time and many of the blogs I read have them on every single post. It's lame and it makes me mad. I have been thinking of blogging about it, but I suspect some of my friends like how it adds to their comment count so I don't want to suggest that I think it's dumb if they keep them . . .