Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finally we are recieving a decent snowfall in my neck of the woods. This time last year we were digging out on a daily basis and cursing the white stuff, but after this unusual winter it's kind of a novelty to see it.

Because of the weather, we decided just to hibernate. I took a shower and got dressed yesterday, but didn't even bother today. It has been an unprecedented 2 days since I even stepped outside.

Here Shel-bell hibernates on the couch bed with Suey and Nat is on her perch that she made of couch cushions in front of the computer. The picture is all blurry, but so are our brains after so much inactivity so I guess it's appropriate!

I have made tremendous progress on my school assignments, however, and that has relieved some of my stress.

Today I had finally had enough of sitting by the fire and got up and did some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms.

I feel refreshed after being lazy and cooped up for the weekend. It was a nice diversion from the manic pace I usually set for myself, but I'm looking forward to going to work and school tomorrow!

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Cassie said...

Snow days?!?! I thought I was going to go crazy with 5 days of straight rain. How you manage that every year is crazy to me! But I am glad you got ahead on school!