Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Look Who's Talking!

This is why I love my job so much: one of our little preschoolers started saying his first words, and I got to witness it!

This boy is a severely autistic four-year-old and has just recently started being a part of the world at large. He is noticing people in his space, he is tolerating other kids being near him and has been expressing his wants using PECS (picture exchange communication system) and a few signs. All of this has been exciting compared to how he was last year.

However, last Wednesday he actually said, "popcorn" at snack time! Since then he has also said candy, bye-bye, do this, and bubbles! What a huge step! It touched us all to hear those first words. I have the best job in the world!


Arya said...

How wonderful!! Your job is so rewarding!!

Momza said...

Oh you have a front row seat to miracles!
This reminds me of Dean's PT years ago--I cross-stitched a little plaque that said,
"Therapists should children their wings"--
we sure loved her then and still to this day. YOU are a blessing to those children and their families, Moody!