Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tea and See's and Maya Gold...mmmmmm

Oh my gosh. Green & Black's Maya Gold.

I don't usually splurge on a chocolate bar that costs almost $4, but was feeling like I needed/deserved something special the other day.

I picked this up, as I was treated to Green & Black's before by Cam and Cassie, so I knew it would be delicious.

The Maya Gold has orange and spice, and when I tasted it, it immediately brought back memories...

My mom LOVED See's candy and especially a little "Tea and See's". Her favorite tea was Constant Comment, which is kind of an orange spice. She would fix us our cup of tea, and then we would sit down and indulge in a few See's candies. This usually happened around Christmastime.

The mix of lucious chocolate melting in my mouth with that wonderful spicy orange tea is something I'll always remember, and when I tasted this chocolate it was like having the tea and chocolate mixed together in a bar!

Oh, yeah...darn you, Green & Black's...I'm hooked now!

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LisAway said...

Yummy! I love when my tastebuds bring up an unexpected memory. I can picture you sitting around the table with your mother. :)