Friday, December 14, 2012

Moving, Sunshine and Santa

I have good reason for not keeping up with my blog. I moved. During December.
And this whole picture a day thing? Well, I'm going to revise that since I can't seem to do that...I average 3 pictures a week due to lack of interesting things to photograph, lack of photography skills, and lack of a decent camera. So it will be a few pics to represent my week. Good enough.
Here's what I thought I would miss most after my move:

There's nothing like wood heat, right? I love it. But you know what? I'm not missing it. I don't miss hauling my wood up to my porch, or feeding the fire all the time, or the mess, or waking up to a cold house and having to get the fire going. My new place has central heat. All I do is push a button. I. Am. Happy.

And here's my new house keys. It was so exciting for me. Kinda like when you get the keys to a new (or new to you) car.
Here is a photo of when you get to that place in the move when you are just grabbing random stuff and throwing it in boxes. I hate this part.
The church guys moved me on a weekend when we had one of the biggest storms ever. It was dumping. Like God had a fire hose and was aiming it at Northern California. Yikes. I had a bunch of guys with pickup trucks and willing hearts and stuff I didn't want wet. And you know what? By some miracle (maybe 'cause all those church guys and their families said a prayer), it stopped raining for about 3-4 hours on the morning of the move...just enough time to move me. Then the heavens opened up and dumped again. Amazing.
This was one of the easiest moves I've made. Maybe because I've moved so much...just in the last 5 years: 4 times. I SO want to stay put now!

Here are the pointsettias my little preschoolers made. I think they turned out pretty darned cute. (Thank you Pinterest, you are a preschool teacher's best friend!)

Oh, and you know why I don't miss the fire so much? 'Cause I get this wonderful thing called SUNSHINE that streams into my windows and makes my house warm, and makes my heart happy, and makes my dog happy too. It has been way too long since I had a house that sunlight streamed into. I love my new place. Love it.

Oh, but it has gotten frosty lately:
 It was 25 degrees yesterday morning. But now my commute to work is about 3 minutes, instead of 20 minutes on an icy highway.

And here is our latest student:
 I wish I could show his cute little face. He is a sweet boy who has Down Syndrome and is deaf. He's tiny and is like having a 12-month-old in the class despite the fact that he is 3. He has captured all our hearts.

And we got a Roku. I like it. And here it sits along with my mom's Christmas dolls.
  And then there is my newest ornament:
I got this at a church Christmas party ornament exchange. He's handmade. He's sitting on a glass ornament. What a lot of work, and so cute! Lucky me!

So that's been my life for the last few weeks: stressful, happy, busy, rewarding, sunny,'s all good!

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