Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mother Mary

Today at Church I was part of the Sacrament program where I and several other women read parts of the Nativity Story. This was a little different though, one woman was John the Baptist's mother, another the mother of Joseph, another the mother of Mary, another the wife of the Inn Keeper and yet another the wife of a shepherd. It really brought new perspective to the story as seen through these women's eyes.

I got to be Mary. I had the smallest part but I was very honored to be chosen to speak her part. I really liked the passage that I read and thought it quite profound:

Yes, I am Mary, and yes, Jesus is my son. Indeed, blessed am I among women. My story is an old one, told and retold from before time began and once again here today by these women whom I love so well. It is a story of spirit, rather than history, and its simple and inspiring truth must and will be manifest by the Holy Spirit rather than by the words of men. I am a woman, much as the women among you, gifted with the divine opportunity of forming a partnership with God in providing a mortal temple for the spirits of his children. It is a sacred thing, motherhood, whether it concerns the Christ or any one of the infinitely precious spirits sent to many of you. It is sacred, holy and beautiful beyond description. For in the pure and undefiled love a mother for a child, mankind comes closer to approaching the love of God, than at any other time.

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Holly said...

That's beautiful. Merry Christmas!