Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sacrament Bread

Why is it that the bread passed during Sacrament at Church tastes so good? My girls often wonder this. Tearing up Wonder Bread into small pieces at home and eating them just isn't the same. It just tastes like bland old white bread (they know, they've tried).

Today during Sacrament, Natalie whispers to me, "Why does the bread always taste so good?" I told her that I think it's because of the blessing they give it.

She then says, "So we're eating the blessing?"

Hmmm...maybe we are.


Lisa said...

This is cute. Well, it's certainly a blessing to eat, anyway.

We've had times where we used crackers for the sacrament. The bread is sometimes stale and dry. Still always tastes good!!

Holly said...

E always critiques it. After the bread has passed and we've each taken our piece, he eats it and looks at me. Sometimes he nods his head to say it's ok. Sometimes he sort of grimaces! Our bread varies from week to week depending on who brings it.

But, you're right. Most of the time it's always better!

Shauna said...

What a Q-T! I love the things kids say! Thanks for sharing :)