Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Exciting, Edge-Of -Your -Seat Update

Well, apparently posting a lot on my blog was not one of my new year's resolutions! There's been a lot going on, just nothing interesting, but I'll post about it anyway, because what the heck, I'm bored and don't have anything else to do at the moment (yeah, yeah, those dishes can wait!)

I went back to the casino for more paperwork, and then was sent home with even MORE paperwork--a 23 page application for a gaming license that every casino employee must have. It's pretty intense. I had to list all my jobs (or lack there of) and residences for the last 15 years. Plus financial info, spouse info, criminal record info (luckily nothing to report there) and much more.

It was a test of my resolve to be employed as well as a test of my memory recall. Maybe that's how they weed out the wussies, I don't know! I go back this coming Tuesday and Wednesday for "employee orientation", and then hopefully they'll put me to work!

Nat and Shel have been getting in touch with their dramatic side and writing plays for the guinea pigs to act out. They did their own version of Rapunzel, and the pigs cooperated quite nicely.

Mike is selling one of his barbecues to help out our financial situation, and looks like the sale will go through this week. He also has his old Landcruiser on the market. He just got a really good insurance job (water damage from a broken pipe) that will be fairly lucrative too. Things are looking up a bit, thank goodness!

My dance friend got us into Rakkasah again this year. There's one day to call in for a spot, and she spent 5 (yes FIVE) hours redialing to get in. Wow! I hope my new job will let me have that day off (it's not until March).

The local dance girls here are all performing on Sunday, and I'm going to go out of my comfort zone and do a solo. I usually just dance with my troupe, but what the hay, I'm feeling pretty confident (or I was when I signed up for it). I finally got around to choosing my music after about 4 days of listening to stuff and decided to do a Karshilama which is a really fast 9/8 Turkish rhythm that has very bouncy (exhausting) traditional steps. No one else seems to like it except me, so I'm fairly confident that my solo will be unique. Most of the Karshilamas I had on cd were somewhere around 4 minutes long, but I finally found one that's only 2 1/2 minutes. I feel confident I can do that without dropping dead, so now I have to decide what to wear...that's the hardest part of performing after all!

That now concludes this fascinating update. You're welcome.


LisAway said...

I'm so glad you're finally getting a little break from your financial stress!

Your girls are SO creative!

And good luck on the solo! I was feeling tired just reading about it! :)

Arya said...

Awesome! It's always good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. It does sound like your solo will be unique.

How wonderful that your girls are so creative. They sound like they are going to have a great career in playwriting.

Rick O'Shay said...

Hope you get the job. It just so happens there is a cassino up the street from me. Siminole Hard Rock Cassino and Hotel. I am 1/8 Siminole not sure how to prove it.
My grandmother was 1/2 Siminole indian but my mother doesn't know either of her grandparents on her mothers side. Apparently this was not something my grandmother was proud of.
But I need a job too. 15 years huh. I guess they do a finacial check. We are in foreclosure. With all my health problems and being out of work for a year and my wife being out of work the year before that. But I'm not whining.
God's got something.
Keep us informed I know the gaming buisness has good benefits. Cathy's insurance has changed and I will have to travel 70 miles to get medical coverage because that's where she works and her hospital is self insured now and no longer Blue Cross. Bummer.
Break a leg on the belly dance thing I know it's bad luck to say good luck.
I haven't tried the reverse foward belly roll backward thrust hip gyro back bend head up my *** thing yet but I'm sure it's good exersize.
I hope you made a video of Rapunzel staring the quinea pigs to put on you tube. I'm sure it's just fab.
Sorry for going on and on and on.
Nothing to do.

Rose said...

Such a great update! Good luck this weekend on your solo.

Cute little theater arts guinea pig camp idea! It's like Barbies but better! ;-)

Prayers for Rick (the commenter above me) to find a job soon. This economy is really taking its toll on everyone. (and I'm laughing about your comment on the belly dance moves! That would be YouTube worthy for sure! LOL)