Monday, January 26, 2009

This is How I Entertain Myself at Work

As the host/cashier at the casino restaurant I've learned how to keep the seating rotation for the waitresses, how to greet and seat a customer, how much our buffets are, and on Friday they trained me to cashier. I'm liking cashiering much more than seating, because to be honest, seating is kind of boring and at least I get to use my brain when I'm cashiering.

We have a point of sale computer system that can be a bit tricky to get the hang of because it's extremely redundant, and the casino has cards that most customers have that allow them comps and points to pay for their food. I think I've got it down now after working the weekend, and to my knowledge, I only made a minimum of screw ups.

On Friday though, it was a bit of a slow start, so I found myself with nothing to do but stand behind the register and contemplate life. Then I noticed the pens chained to the counter for the customers to sign their lives away with. The chains were quite long and swirly which reminded me of cursive writing, so I got inspired to write my name with the chain.

I did quite well with my name, so then I thought how cool would it be to write a clever message for the observant guest to read when they approached the counter? My first thought was "Some Pig" ala Charlotte's Web, but I wasn't sure everyone would get it, so I decided on a simple "hello".

I was busily getting the chain to loop in just the right ways when a customer approached. Imagine my chagrin when I realized that they would be greeted with "hell" if they should look down at the counter. I quickly distracted them and plunked their bill folder on top of my chain creation. Whew, disaster averted!

From then on I left writing messages alone and instead decided I would stick to shapes and swirly flowers.


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Arya said...

Wonderful!! Thank you for the good chuckle at the "hell - missing "O"" chain...I love your perspective. Sounds like your having fun with your new job!

Rose said...

You're right, I don't think some pig would be well received by all..... shapes and flowers are good, though ;-)

LisAway said...

How funny! You and your foul mouth and rude greetings! :)

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling more comfortable with the ins and outs of your new job!

Rick O'Shay said...

You're so funny. Looks like you are having a hell of a time. I'm glad you found a job you like.

Magirk said...

Oh man, you are so funny! I loved the 'some pig' bit - we watch that show all the time.

Way to stay occupied!