Wednesday, February 11, 2009


No baby guinea pigs yet...just one bulging mama pig.

I'm sure Moe is whispering to her in their piggy language, "No! You don't look fat, dear!"

Not sure when the babies will arrive. I read that about 2-3 weeks after you can feel the babies moving they will arrive, but it seems like we've been feeling them for at least a month now. Poor Gidget, I know how she feels!

As for Moe: his surgery went well thankyouverymuch. His days of being fertile are over!

If you are interested in owning a guinea pig, please check out these sites FIRST and read up on their care and .


Arya said...

my oh, my she is almost twice the size she once was...I hope it's not too many babies. I am still trying to find homes for my 3 gerbil babies...want one?

Rose said...

I bet any day now, you'll have some little gp's running around. Maybe your child's teacher will want one for the class? I think they might be hard to give away. Does the pet store take them? I think I'm safe from 'winning' one with my high guess of 7! I hope she has them soon, poor little mama.