Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cuteness Factor is Off the Charts

I was awoken this morning by little excited voices exclaiming, "They're so fluffy!" and "This one has a little mohawk!" and "Gidget had her babies!"

They are the cutest little things I think I've ever seen. Unlike most rodents, guinea pigs have babies that are fully furred, eyes open, and running around. They look just like miniature adults. And I've read that they will be eating solid food in a few days. Strange.

(Of course this further proves my theory that guinea pigs are some sort of mutant alien critter---my first point being that they have 4 toes on their front paws like normal critters, but only 3 on their back feet. 3? Then there are their strange alien vocalizations: pig squeals, twitters, whistles, squeaks and purring, yes, purring! And now the babies. Weird. They're aliens, I'm sure of it--right up there with the platypus!)

The babies are truly a mixture of Moe and Gidget. Very cool. I was a little disturbed when the girls started referring to the babies as "mine", as in, "Oh look at mine; he's so cute." Ruh-Roh, is all I can say! I'm not sure we have room for 4 pigs! (I was really hoping we would have 3, so that we could find a home for 2 and keep one. )

I can't quite tell yet whether we have boys or girls or one of each. The girls already are thinking up names. Nat thinks they should be named Ice Cream and Eye Patch. (I just love the way 6 year olds name things!)

--Piggy Update--
I went in to get some pictures of the little guys to post here and when I picked up Gidget I found that she had not quite delivered a third baby. It was obviously not alive, so I called the vet and Mike and the girls took her in to have the vet deliver it (because I had to leave for work). I was very saddened that our third little one didn't make it.

The vet told Mike that it was lucky this was the last one and not the first as it was quite big. She also said that she's fairly certain we have two girl babies. That's good news anyway! (And Gidget is fine.)

If you are interested in owning a guinea pig, please check out these sites FIRST and read up on their care and .


Rose said...

They are so cute! Congrats to your fur momma! That is interesting how they are born like mini adults. What does fur daddy think about the babies?

LisAway said...

They're darling! Ice Cream and Eye Patch, eh? She's darling, too!

How funky all that about the weirdness of guinea pigs!

Arya said...

Congratulations!! I wish my gerbils were fully furred when they were born! I think I want a guinea pig now...maybe when the gerbils fly to heaven...(by drinking too much red bull)

Rick O'Shay said...

I believe I guessed 3 pigs so I win. or did I guess 2? either way I win. So don't get attached.

Rick O'Shay said...

I believe I guessed 3 pigs so I win. or did I guess 2? either way I win. So don't get attached.