Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Old Ladies Are Cheap!

At the casino this month we are running a buy one buffet, get one for a penny promotion. People are understandably excited to take advantage of this great deal, so we've been much busier than normal.

Yesterday I was cashiering when a group of 4 cute little old ladies approached with their check. We apply the discount at the register, so they were anxiously waiting to hear the total for their lunch. With senior discounts and pennies applied their total was $18.

They then wanted me to tell them how much that would be split four ways. I announced that it would be $4.50 each. Such a deal. Then they wanted to know if they could apply their comps from their player's cards to the total. Of course! No problem!

I had to run each lady's card through the system and apply their 48 cents or their $1.11 to the bill--finally bringing it down to $15.67. THEN they wanted me to figure out what that would be split 4'm not a human calculator, nor did I have such a device handy, so I said it's about $4 each. Then they all gave me their money one by blessed one...first a $20 bill that I take $4 out of, then a $5, then a $10, then the last lady only owes $3.67, and I'm praying that none of the others catches on and throws an old lady hissy fit when they figure she is paying $.33 cents less than they did.

Honest to Pete, this was the longest transaction ever, and I wouldn't have minded so much if the little old ladies were a bit nicer about the whole thing, but they were quite indignant about spending their dang $4. I think it would've been easier for one to pay the bill and then for them to work it out amongst themselves...or arm wrestle for it...that would've been fun too.

Oh goodness, little old ladies can be funny...I guess my turn at being old and cheap is coming!


LisAway said...

How could you tell them it was $4 each when it was really $3.92! That's EIGHT WHOLE CENTS more, Moody! :)

Arya said...

little old ladies are cute, funny and can be darn right silly about things pertaining to pennies...especially if they lived during the depression...but boy do they have stories to tell, if one would find the time to just sit and listen to the rambles of the

Rose said...

That is funny! On one hand, they probably live on limited income and so have to count each penny but then on the other, if they are counting each penny maybe a casino isn't the best place to be! I know what my sister would say, is that hers was the free meal and mine was the paid one. snicker

Rick O'Shay said...

Yeah I agree with Rose. If you're gaming why worry about a few cents. But maybe they were playing the penny slots and need every penny they can get. The cassino should supply you with a calculator.
I hope your job is getting better.