Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Califoniprocrastination (or Procrastination California Style)

I am one of those spoiled, uppity Californians with the attitude of "oh I can do/see/go there anytime" so I never get around to actually going, doing or seeing the great sights of California. Which is exactly why the last time I went to Yosemite I was 5 years old. Dang near 40 years ago people. The clincher being that I only live 2 hours away. I am completely ashamed of myself.

Well, luckily I got a chance to remedy my uppity Californistic attitude recently when Sis asked me to chaperone a field trip to Yosemite with her geology class. For me, I jumped at the chance to accompany Sis on one last school field trip before she graduates (I'm getting very nostalgic as the big day nears). I really didn't care where we were going (Cali attitude again). The main thing I was worried about was camping at that elevation in April. I generally don't camp in April. It still gets way too cold at night for my liking.

At any rate we left early Sunday morning. As luck would have it there were two vans that the kids rode in, and one car which happened to be Sis' boyfriend's parents, so I got to ride with them. No obnoxious teenagers to be cooped up with. Hooray.

The memories I have of being 5 in Yosemite differ quite a bit from the memories I made during my recent trip. As a 5 year old I was thrilled at getting to ride in grandma and grandpa's cab-over camper (even though I had a nasty fall off the bunk during the drive). I remember driving through the tunnels and camping with all of my cousins and aunts and uncles. I remember seeing a bear going through someone's camp in broad daylight and I do remember some of the sights, but it didn't awe me like it did this time around.

As a 44 year old, I came home with memories of getting soaked at Bridalveil Falls, hiking to Mirror Lake (where most of the kids jumped in to swim in the melted snow water), seeing the rubble from the most recent rock slide, looking up at El Capitan and spotting a minuscule climber, marveling at how picturesque Half Dome is, walking up to Yosemite Falls and being in awe of the power of falling water, listening to bears rattling the bear-proof food lockers during the night, and best of all hanging out with my daughter to enjoy all this with. Even the weather cooperated by being unseasonably warm for April. I couldn't have asked for more.

In fact, I started planning my next trip to Yosemite after I'd been in the valley all of 5 minutes. I want to go there again soon. I'm thinking maybe even as soon as next month. I can not believe that I haven't made the effort to go there sooner. I am really kicking myself. To think people come from all over the world to see this incredible place and I couldn't be bothered to make a short drive. Well, never again will I wait 40 years to experience Yosemite (or anything else for that matter). I just changed my attitude!


LisAway said...

Good for you. I love Yosemite, although the last time I went there was as a teenager. There are just so many things to see. It's amazingly gorgeous.

Greg and I have been kicking ourselves that we lived in Utah just hours away from some of the most beautiful rocks on earth and we pretty much never went to see them! We should have been down there every weekend in the summer! What were we thinking?

Emy5 said...

Now, I am dying to go there. What a wonderful experience for you.

Momza said...

Go! I say! Go and take more beautiful pics for the rest of us nature-loving fools!
My, it is a beautiful peice of heaven!

Arya said...

What an awesome view and soooo worth the 2 hour drive...One day I will have to come on over and check out your beautiful oasis!

Rose said...

Don't feel so bad, I met people during my stay in Philadelphia who lived there since birth and have NEVER been to see the Liberty Bell! It was the first thing I wanted to do! Your pictures are beautiful.

Shimmy Mom said...

I'm so glad that you went. I've never been, but I totally understand the you take it for granted because you live there attitude. You're talking to the woman who never made it to a broadway musical when we lived in New York. Pathetic.