Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Big Ghoul

Today Nat announced that she's finally "officially a big ghoul". She still can't say her R's so "girl" comes out "ghoul".

She has been working for the past couple of weeks on shoe tying (at the encouragement of all of us who are tired of tying her dang shoes umpteen times a day), and she has finally mastered it.

She named off all the other things that she has done on her way to becoming a "big ghoul". Wearing underwear, taking care of herself, riding a two-wheeler, and now the shoe tying. Yep, that covers it. It's definitely official.

Apparently pronouncing your R's is not on the "big ghoul" list, but that's ok, I want to hear her sweet little girl voice for as long as possible.


LisAway said...

Cute! I said my r's like that until I was in third or fourth grade, so you probably still have time to enjoy it. :)

(the rabbit ran around the tree is the phrase that I learned to pronounce it correctly on. Repeated 300 million times in speech therapy.)

Rose said...

Congrats to your big 'ghoul'! My little one has some trouble with r's too. She can do all those things except tie shoes, because she has the velcro kind! I agree, enjoy every second of this stage, it all goes so fast. My oldest just turned 13, and I can't figure out how he grew up so fast. He's officially taller than me now. He has peach fuzz on his lip! And his voice is starting to change. I'm not ready for this!

Shimmy Mom said...

Congrats to the big ghoul! (We lived in New York for two years and my 7 year old still says geerl, and I love it!)

Momza said...

Enjoy every moment...they do grow up so fast!!
Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog.

Magirk said...

Awwwww. :-)

Congrats to her on being a big girl! And THAT (tying shoelaces) is a fantastic achievement.

We haven't even attempted that yet at our house.

Way to go Nat!