Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awkward Stages

So, someone in our house is going through a bit of an awkward stage. It's a stage where she wants to be grown up, but doesn't want to let go of being a little girl either. Which leads to baby talk and acting VERY goofy, and then getting all pre-hormonal and slamming doors and acting sassy.

It's the pre-teeny-bopper stage. An awkward stage, an annoying stage, a stage that reminds us both that time is marching on and changes are coming, and a stage that reminds me that this stage really isn't THAT bad.


Arya said...

These are the stages I am not looking forward to, I remember my own awkwardness and the rush of hormones that made my mother cringe when they would surge...((HUGGS))

Momza said...

This is when my own kids needed pointed direction and compassion...a Teacher, if you will. What's acceptable and mature, and what behavior is not going to get them brownie points.
Of course, by this time in my life, I just look at whomever is flippin out and say, "You know, I've done this before, and noone died, so we're gonna be okay."