Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cuties, Kitties, Cousins and Booties

Our little cousins came to visit on Sunday and we were so thrilled to see them. Since they moved we don't get to see them on a regular basis and we MISS them!

Nat and Em went immediately to Nat's room and that's the last we saw of them until dinner time. They love playing Barbies and Nat also has a fashion studio toy that includes scraps of fabrics and a little dress manikin that they love to play with. Nat and Em love to design dresses or other girly things (they generally use tape to fasten everything together). They have decided that they will become designers together in the future and guess what they call themselves? The Cousigners, as in cousin-designers. They came up with that themselves. I think they're brilliant.

Moo spent all her time with little Zachy. He was tickling us with his booty-shaking skills and I finally caught it on video. Just too cute and I chuckle every time I see this:

We picked blackberries off our bush and later had them over ice cream. I can't even tell you how good that was!

Lastly, a little kitten goodness:


carley said...

wrong video..

Moody said...

I know, I'm trying to fix it.

Arya said...

Awwwwsomey goodness!

Momza said...

mmmmfresh blackberries! when we lived in central florida we'd go blackberry picking and come home w/ purple skin and full tummies.

Those kittens are growing up!

LisAway said...

Super cute.

Evie loves to design clothes, too. She draws outfits with little explanations and asks me to rate each of them. Cute.