Friday, April 30, 2010

Harbinger of Spring

Spring has been taking it's own sweet time getting here this year, so any small sign that it might be here to stay is most welcome.

I have gotten into the habit of not shaving my legs in the winter. You know, the added warmth of a "winter coat" and all. (Or laziness...)

For some reason the 25-year-old woman that I work with at the school thinks that this practice is disturbing. Because of that, I felt it my duty to desensitize her by showing her my hairy legs at every opportunity. You can imagine how much she enjoyed that.

Well, the other day I came in and asked her if she knew what a "harbinger of spring" was. She didn't. So I flashed this at her:

She was thrilled to know that I had shed my winter coat and spring had finally arrived at last!

And in a related story:
In our classroom we use "icons" to communicate with the kids who are non-verbal, and they come in everything from foods, to colors, to actions (no spitting!). Well my very thoughtful 25-year-old friend surprised me with this icon today:

Okay, I get the hint already!