Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So If You See Chocolate In Between My Teeth, You'll Know Why

I went to the dentist today to get a tooth filled. I'm a new patient of his, and I was feeling pretty comfortable with going to him (well at least as comfortable as I get). I got settled in the chair, was given the tv clicker and was enjoying watching Rachel Ray cook in HD, when the dentist came in.

He asks how I'm feeling, etc.

"Can I get you anything?" He asks?

I say, "No, I'm fine.", but what I'm really thinking is "Yeah, I would kill for some chocolate right now!"

Then he says, "Are you hungry? It's going to be a while before you can eat again."

I tell him yeah, I'm always hungry, but I'll be ok.

"I have some chocolate cookies that my wife made. Would you like a couple?"

[cue sound of needle skidding across record] What the what? Chocolate cookies?!

Gee, let me think... "Um, sure that would be nice."

So, yes, I ate chocolate cookies right before my filling today. My dentist is now my hero, and I am SO his patient for life!


And off topic, but how ironic is it that while I'm researching how to rid one's home of carpenter ants, one of the dirty buggers waltzes across my computer screen? Yes, irony at it's finest, my little 6 legged friend! [cue crazy evil laughter]


Momza said...

LOL (ant crawling across your pc screen!)
That dentist is a keeper!

LisAway said...

Best dentist in the world. Bravest ant in the world.

Arya said...

I wish I could find a dentist who would give me a cookie before doing any work or asked me if I needed anything or even had a tv to watch while my mouth was being worked on...

I think you just made him up - he can't be real...lol

Anonymous said...

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