Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Updating My Blog. I Hope You're Happy Now

I guess I'm being a bad blogger, because last night I hear a call from the livingroom from my eldest daughter, "Mom! You need to update your blog!"

So, I'll just start with that. The eldest daughter has moved back home, after living with her dad for the last 9 months. And it's good. And she has a LOT of stuff. But it's still good.

I wrote previously about how Mike is the temporary night janitor (till the end of the school year) at the girls' school, and how the girls love going there after hours to hang out when I'm at work. Well now, my little Nat won't even come home. Her dad starts work right when school's out but she prefers to stay instead of coming home so that she can help all the teachers. She loves to sharpen pencils, stack books, sort recycling, or anything else that she's asked to do. I would even go so far as to say she a little obsessed. She's such a funny kid.

Oh, and speaking of that, it's kinda funny how kids have adapted electronic-speak for daily stuff. When I ran my daycare I always thought it was funny how the kids would be playing something (not a video game, mind you) and then say, "let's pause the game". The other night a nude Nat comes running in from the bathroom, and I can hear the water in the tub running, so I ask her what's up, and she says that she wanted to hang out with us until the hot water finished "loading".

Ok, now I've officially updated my blog. Yay.