Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And...They're Off!

So Sis and her boyfriend left for Montana early this morning.

I had dinner with her and her boyfriend's family last night to say goodbye.
Her little Subaru wagon was packed as full as I've ever seen a car packed,
with stuff even strapped on top.

You know that saying about the sack? Well I changed it to
"Ten pounds of crap in a Five pound car"!

Boyfriend's mom is an expert packer, so she packed the car,
and all their little things they needed to take, and all their clothes
(he has as much as she does apparently) and several pillows each.
We joked that they couldn't open the back hatch at risk of explosion,
and if all that stuff did come flying out,
there's no way those two kids could fit it back in like his mom did.
It's like playing Tetris with blankets, and bags and pillows.
My hat's off to her!

As always, I'm strapped for cash, so couldn't even send my girl off
with a little pocket money. Made up a goody/snack bag for them instead
with little well-wishes written by me and the little girls all over it.

I hope they have an adventure in Montana. They're going to a small
town, but it's still bigger than any of the towns in our county.
His dad has a store and deli and will employ them and house them.

I will be glad when they arrive and are safe and sound. Did I mention
that the Subaru has 197,000 miles on it? Yep. Let's hope it's up for at
least another 1,000 or so.

Last night I dreamed that I was still trying to fit little things in all
the nooks and crannies of her car. Trying to make sure she had
everything she needed.

I guess that's the reality. I can't give her everything she needs anymore.

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