Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wrappin' It Up

Well, Sis and Trav made it to their destination in Montana, on time, in one piece and without the assistance of a tow truck. Win. Win. and Win. I'm considering revamping the children's book The Little Engine That Could and have it feature an old red Subaru wagon instead. Could be a hit.

Sis called me when they made it to Idaho Falls. I fell in love with that place just from the photos I found online, and in one of my fantasies, we picked up and moved there leaving bankrupt/ corrupt California behind us.

Then I saw what passes as a "high" temperature in winter there and decided maybe just visiting Idaho Falls someday would probably suffice. (Although Nampa/Boise are looks promising...and by promising I mean warmer.)
Before Sis left we had a mom/daughter weekend in San Fran. It was nice to have time alone just the two of us before she left the state.
The highlights were Lombard St.

We went there Friday night and again on Saturday. We love walking up and down the street, and I let Carley drive my car down it. Such a cool place.
We then went to Coit tower and rode the elevator to the top and enjoyed the views.
We also smashed pennies. Our souvenirs for the day were our smashed pennies imprinted with SF scenes. We're such cheap dates!
Then we enjoyed our picnic lunch at Alamo Park overlooking the "Full House" houses.

And if you're ever in the city make sure you visit 826 Valencia. It's San Francisco's best pirate supply store. I can't even explain this place, but I laughed until I cried at one point, if that gives you any indication of the fun in the store.

On Saturday we spent all of $14, not counting the pennies, and we went to places we hadn't seen before. Definitely a memorable trip!
Yep, it's a wrap. That was pretty much my week.


Momza said...

glad she made it to Montana safely.
Having lived in Boise, I can say it's a ton cheaper than CA., very family-friendly, and in the summer there's lots to do.
It does get seriously hot there tho, and the winters are seriously cold.
The people are exceptionally nice though.
And as for San Fran--love it!!!

Arya said...

Glad they made it to Montana does get cold there and the snow piles high but it's sure stunning during the warmer seasons. Many of my relatives live there, my brother was born there but of all the places we chose to live in Nampa was where we finally bought a house and were we plan to stay for a long time.

I love your pictures of San Fran...I love the row houses - I have a friend who just bought a row house around that area (probably not that area but somewhere similar as she has lots of pictures of her in front of row