Monday, March 7, 2011

Of Being 19 and Adventures

So, in a couple days my oldest daughter is moving to Montana. A LONG way away.
It's hard for a mom. Not to mention all the worrying I have to do while they drive
for TWO DAYS in an old car.

She's 19. I kind of did the same thing when I was 19. Quit my good job as a printer,
and went to shack-up with my boyfriend on the top of Donner Summit.
Yes, THAT Donner Summit.
Luckily my boyfriend was employed to plow snow, so our driveway was always clear.
That's the only way to go if you're gonna live there.

The little house we rented was really for summer use. And it was COLD. INSIDE.
Ice on the inside of the windows cold. And we only had a fireplace, with green wood.
Couldn't afford to use the electric wall heaters. For some reason it didn't bother me.
When you're 19 it's an adventure. I wouldn't last a day in that house now, let me tell you!

I worked at a ski area and had a fantasy that my boyfriend (of 5 years)
and I would get married in the summer.
It didn't happen.
Why buy the cow when the milk is free and all that jazz, I guess.
It broke my heart. And I broke up with him and moved on.

Oh, to be 19 and going on an adventure.


LisAway said...

Oh, I hope Sis has a great adventure and that you don't have a heart attack. :)

What a crazy teen you were! And I've never heard the cow analogy, but it's a good one, I guess.

Nineteen was awesome, but there seems to be a lot less heartache (or at least of a different type) once you've really grown up.

Magirk said...

Oh, man - you're being so brave about it! I don't know what in the world I'm going to do when my kids move away, to another state!

I guess I have a few years, so I guess it's okay that I'm not ready.

I hope your daughter will find a good life there, and perhaps even a little excitement and adventure. ;-) All young people need some of that, I think.

Although, in retrospect, there are some adventures I wish I had not had to have - Ha!