Sunday, January 20, 2013

Content--not as in something contained, but as in contentment

Yep, that's me. I'm feeling very CONTENT. Maybe it's all the sunshine I'm soaking up, I don't know, but I feel very content in life right now. It's a good feeling.
The first thing I do each morning is open my blinds and let the sunshine stream in. In the last week, since the weather warmed, my house has been warmer than what the thermostat was set at by the time I get home from work. Contentment.
My Sue-dog makes me content too, even though she's a bit of a bed hog. She's just always there for me, quietly following my movements around the house, greeting me when I get home and taking walks with me. She's the best.
My guy decided it was high time to complete my little rock garden and delivered a load of pea gravel on Saturday. (Shelby called them "pea rocks" today, hee hee!) So if you compare this picture with the one 2 posts back you'll see the improvement. It's nothing special but it makes me shall I put it...content.
I unpacked ALL my boxes this week and found a couple treasures, like this handpainted toad that Carley did years ago...doesn't he look proud and um, content?
And I found this cute little smiling snail that Cam painted around the same time. That's a smile of contentment if I ever saw one!
Yes, Saturday was so warm and nice that Shelby and I washed a car, and I actually got down to one layer of clothing and was barefoot for a while!
And finally, on the next episode of either Hoarders or My Strange Addiction, I present to you my stash of veggie baskets that I have in a closet at work:
I just know I can find something really cool to do with them! But truthfully I'm a bit obsessed, and it's getting a little embarrassing, but everytime the cafeteria lady asks if I want some more I take them. I can't help myself!
So there you have my content post. I know my title says that I'm not talking about content, as in something contained, but maybe I really am, because my heart contains happiness.

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Cassie Shane said...

Aw! This blog makes me smile! I'm glad things are landing in place!