Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Long and Windy school

Tuesday was D-day for me. I was on the wait list for a class I need that's been holding me up in moving on with the rest of my classes to get my degree. This is the first time they've offered it at night, so I finally had a chance to take it.
I was kind of on the fence to even drive there. A two-hour drive to MAYBE get into a class? AND get home at midnight to boot? Did I really want to do this? The night before I was up half the night with a migraine. I took my medicine, but the medicine is full of caffeine, so I couldn't sleep even though my headache was finally gone, so it gave me plenty of time to contemplate and stress over the decision to even try.
But, try I did. After work I drove to my local college and attended my class there, then jumped in my car and drove to the other college. I got there about 45 minutes early, and good thing. There was NO parking. Well...there were a few spots left...way on the other side of campus.
Anyway, I finally made it to the class, the instructor was very dynamic and fun from the get-go, but said we wouldn't know the outcome of the wait list until half-way through the 3 hours because he likes to give the no-shows plenty of time to show up.
Well, at 8:15 he went through his list...hmmm, 4 spots open. I was #5. There were 13 of us total. He was so torn, and said his dean was going to be really pissed at him, but he took all of us! He's officially my favorite instructor now, no matter what!
So yes, I'm happy I got into the class, but Tuesdays are going to kick my butt. I'll be up and off to work by 7:15am and arrive back home at shortly past midnight, and get up for work the next day. I'm going to remember it's only for 16 weeks. I can do this!
As I finally parked on Tuesday, this is what my odometer read:
And yes, that is a plastic, glow-in-the-dark bat from the dollar store on my dash.
Here is what my passenger seat looks like on Tuesdays:
Crunchy snacks to keep me alert, my Ipod with podcasts of Armstrong and Getty, my books...and there's some chocolate there somewhere...
And what is up with this?
I will show you next time!

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Mama Cass said...

You can do it! In the scheme of things 16 weeks ain't nothin! Oh and I like the mystery picture on the bottom. It's like the "next week on..." segment for your blog!