Sunday, February 10, 2013

Randomness That Involves Cement Balls and Dog Yoga

Remember this teaser picture?
Those turned into these:
And one of those I covered in pennies:
Haven't decided what I'm doing with the other two yet.
And this is going on in my "front yard" too because the sun has been teasing us with springtime temperatures:
I have no idea what those things will be. I hope they're something pretty.
I'm plugging through my Tuesdays...only 13 more classes to go:
Both my classses this semester are very enjoyable, so it's making it easier to hang in there. And I figured out how to call the shuttle to get me to and from class so I don't feel like I might get mugged walking across campus at 10 at night. Go me!
Here's what I did at work on Friday:
I made Gak, hung it in a strawberry basket and gave the kids scissors to cut it with.
They loved it!
Then on Saturday the two youngest rode a stage coach:
Oh, and in the last couple weeks this one has moved home:
She likes to take pictures of herself "scratching" people's heads. But it's nice to have her around. She makes a mean salad and is good company.
And my dog has taken up yoga.
I'm glad she's putting those hours she spends on the couch to good use.

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Cassie Shane said...

I love what you did with the balls! Especially the one with the pennies! And I'm glad you found a use for those baskets you've been collecting.