Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

They were calling for a storm with low snow Tuesday afternoon, but being a snow-living veteran of 20+ years, that didn't discourage me from taking off and heading towards college in the rain--which quickly turned to slushy rain, which more quickly turned to flakes and then turned into "Holy crap, it's seriously DUMPING!"

Luckily I had the wherewithall to turn around and head for home. Funny, on Sunday, we had two lessons in church about listening to the Holy know, that still, small voice that tries desperately to warn you (or comfort you, or confirm, etc.)? Well, historically I've had a very hard time listening to that still, small voice because basically I'm super stubborn.

Tuesday was no exception. I was convinced that a little snow wasn't gonna slow me down! However, as I contemplated having to chain up my car to drive a steep, windy road back home after class, I finally listened and turned around. Not a minute too soon either. This storm was dumping snow at a rate I've rarely seen and I've been a snow-dwellin' girl for some time.

I was glad to reach the safety of home and watched in amazement as the snow piled up at my 2100' elevation. It wasn't a huge amount compared to the snow I used to get living up the hill, but with low snow comes snow plows not able to keep the roads clear because they are stretched thin, and drivers not used to driving in it.

Here's my "snow ball" indicating the snow fall in just over an hour's time:

And a look out my bedroom window:

There were a lot of spin-outs, and kids stranded at the schools until 9 and 10 that night. I'm thankful my family was safe and sound. And I was thankful that school was cancelled the next day.

Of course there is nothing prettier than waking up the next day to blue sky and snow on the trees:

And this is what my snow ball looked like in the morning:

And then just 24 hours after that first picture above:

I had a wonderful snow day, spent in my pj's checking out Pinterest activities for my preschoolers and watching reruns of Frasier on Netflix. A nice day, after a rather exciting little storm!


Cassie Shane said...

Woah! Those pictures look so pretty! Glad you were home safe and sound though. I know Cam wouldn't agree to this but I would love to get snowed in for like 24hrs. I have never done that before!

Momza said...

Your snow days are like ours...arrive and leave quickly. Beautiful pictures!