Monday, February 18, 2013

Egg Salad Soldiers

I happened this week to have a couple instances where egg salad sandwiches were served. I know...kinda weird.

Anyway, egg salad always reminds me of a story my mom would tell me--probably almost every time she made egg salad--about egg salad sandwiches and soldiers.

My mom was a young girl between the age of 7-10 when World War II was going on. She lived in a tiny railroad town. Oftentimes the troop trains would come through town carrying hundreds of hungry soldiers. Mom told me that she and her mom and brothers would make a bunch of egg salad sandwiches and run downtown as the trains would come through town.
The soldiers would hang out the windows of their cars and my mom and her family (and others in town) would pass out sandwiches to the soldiers. (Now, I don't remember if she said the soldiers paid for them or not. I think they did.)
Oh goodness, my mom always made the best egg salad sandwiches so I know these troops were grateful and happy to be eating them!

I know times were tough in those days and food was rationed and it was hard to get by. I'm so lucky not to have known that kind of hardship, let alone the hardships of the soldiers and their families.

At any rate, I think I'll have to make some egg salad sandwiches soon.

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