Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spiffy New Year

2013 has been all about spiffing up my place. I love my little home. My guy-friend (man-friend? boy-friend? Do people in their 40's and 50's have boyfriends and girlfriends? Sounds goofy.), anyway my really good friend who has been a good friend for 20 some-odd years and now is my "guy" helped me with my little plot of gravel in front of my house the other day.
He trimmed the roses and little bushes while I weeded and moved rocks around. Too bad I didn't take a before picture. Sheesh! but this will kind of be the in-between picture because we are going to add more pea gravel and rocks and such. Maybe a succulent garden. This little spot gets lots of sun, so I need to figure out what to plant. (I love how Suey is sniffing something on the air.)
Look what I found in the gravel while weeding! This cute little monkey! (I also found 18 cents worth of change, and a spare key to my house!)
My guy is a real fan of rusty junk, and it's kind of rubbing off on me. I found this cat and hummingbird at the thrift store for 99 cents each. The middle rusty thing was a house warming gift from the rusty junk-loving guy.
Today I spent organizing my garage. I actually park my car in here! I've lived in a lot of places with garages, but have never been able to use them for my car. Now I can!
Then while trying to come up with a solution of lack of counter space in my small upstairs bath, I searched Pinterest and found this idea:
 A magazine rack to hold my curling iron and blow dryer and get them off the counter.
And finally, I learned this week that you have to let people help you. I can be very stubbornly independent. I have had to do almost everything myself for so long, that I've kind of got into the habit of not relying on anyone else.
To be honest, my guy and I had kind of been on the outs because of my stubbornness. He wants to do things for me, and I often don't let him, or do it myself.
Well, sometimes when you don't let other people help you, you unitentionally shut them out and hurt their feelings. That's what I learned.
My guy wanted to take me shopping and fill my freezer and I swallowed my pride and let him. It made him feel good to do something for me. I've got to realize that others want the satisfaction and the blessing of being able to serve or provide for me. I don't always have to be so independent. It's ok to rely on others. It blesses us both.

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Cassie Shane said...

So, for the new year I am going to make a commitment that I will be as faithful a commenter as you were for us! On that note! I love what you did to your front space. A succulent garden would be so pretty there!