Monday, October 1, 2007

Down By The (E)Bay, Where The Watermelons Grow

So this whole financial revelation (sounds better than crisis, right?) has led me to get creative and finally motivated to sell anything that's not nailed down.

I've heard some great stories about Ebay. My friend's hubby listed a ratty, well-used, basically thrashed but still usable backpack and was hoping to get 25 bucks for it. In the end he had people cyber-killing each other over it and sold it for an amazing $275 to some guy in Hong Kong. Turns out it was some sort of collector's-item-rare-thing-of-some-sort.

So right now, I've listed some down coats, a couple leather coats, my old White's logging boots from my forestry days and some Radio Flyer toys. I'm actually getting lots of hits and questions and a few bids. So far, when the things with bids sell I will be almost $50 richer, and hopefully all the items will sell eventually.

I know Ebay with it's auction format makes it more fun to buy stuff. When you bid on something you don't know if you'll "win" it or not. And then it gets competitive, and then people just kind of lose their minds (and their grip on reality) and have to have it.

Yes, I have bid on things and in those last minutes it's quite exciting to keep refreshing the screen to see if your bid will win. I have not spent over 40 bucks on anything on Ebay, and I have officially quit searching for things, because if you search, you will find it, and then it's so dang tempting to want to get it.

So here's hoping I have some sort of collectors-item-rare-thing-of-some-sort hiding in my closet just waiting to make me a mint on Ebay.

Ebay update: 9 of my 12 items listed sold, and I made $153. Woo-hoo! Yes, I'm listing more stuff. This is kind of fun, and yet another excuse to goof off on the computer.

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Debbiedoesdishes said...

Dude!!! You can NOT be selling your White's??? Remember we ordered ours together back in the day when we thought working for the forest service meant we got to wear a smokey the bear hat. How many years ago??? 21 I think. Anyways, I still have mine in the closet, and they don't look as nice as yours. Good Luck!