Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running the Filthy Gauntlet

So I got the Pilot waxed and detailed today (on the outside--I can handle the inside). Oh man, it was so pretty and shiny when I picked it up. The metallic paint was shined to perfection and the wheels and bumper were polished glossy black. Not too bad despite the dings from people who just whip their doors open with no courtesy to other's vehicles. Ah, well.

So off I go to drive the 20 miles home and first thing, I get caught behind Cal Trans who has their big street sweeper on the highway. They are blocking the highway and putting out a huge cloud of dust and leaving a trail of wetness along the road that I'm trying desperately to keep my tires out of without going completely into oncoming traffic. Gosh I just want to keep this car nice so I can take pictures of it and park it on the highway with a For Sale sign on it tomorrow. Is it too much to ask?

I take advantage of turning off onto the bypass as Cal Trans doesn't seem to want to take pity on the line of traffic following their motorized version of Peanut's Pig Pen, and pull over so we can pass.

Well, the bypass is yet another story. It's an old well-patched road and as luck would have it they have been recently patching it again with tarry, loose asphalt. I cringe as I hear it ping against my clean car's underside. Dang it!

Finally I'm back on the highway and heading for home. But what's this? Road construction signs? Yes indeed, they have the con crews out cleaning up the highway by cutting and chipping brush and somehow making the road a dirty dusty mess. There is just no avoiding it so on I drive.

When I finally arrive home I have to take a towel to the side of the car where the tires flipped wet road dirt, then I go around and wipe the layer of dust off the rest of the car. I think the only thing missing on the drive home was a spouting fire hydrant and a swarm of bugs.

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