Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Banner Day For A Mom

So my son calls me on Friday. I am quite thrilled because when he first moved away to college I thought that maybe his phone was broken and he couldn't dial out, as I didn't hear from him unless I did the calling. So on Friday this would be the second time IN A WEEK that he has called. I'm not sure whether to worry or to mark it on the calendar as a banner day.

Before I go on, keep in mind that my kid is in college studying computer animation, that he works for some sort of server company where he monitors computer networks, AND his cell phone gets the internet, so that he can "work" (and play) wherever he happens to be (yeah, he has it pretty good for a college kid).

Well, Cam has always been a man of few words, and this particular call was no different. It went something like this.

Bub: "Hey"
Me: "Hi, how's it going? What's up?" (I'm thinking please don't tell me anything that involves the words 'bail', 'out' or 'jail').
Bub: "Nothin'"
Me: "Oh. So what's new?"
Bub: "Not Much."

And so it goes for a few more rounds. Me playing 20 Questions, him playing Can I Answer In One Word Or Less. He's winning.

Finally I have to get to the point, "Are you in Jail?!"

No, I'm kidding, I didn't say that. I was just blunt, "So what do you want?"

His answer, "How much are stamps?"

Turns out he's mailing out bills and remembered that stamps had gone up but couldn't remember how much.

So I tell him, and then I ask Mr. I-Live-Eat-and-Breathe-Computers, "Why didn't you just Google it?" Oh course he's very succinct, "Eh."

I also tell him there's this thing called "internet banking" he might want to check into.

I know my kid is smart and computer savvy so maybe he knows that moms always have the need to be needed and that calling to ask me how much stamps are would make my day.

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Hick said...

That's just his way of telling you that he loves you.

You are too funny. I love this blog, especially 'cause I know some of the characters.