Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ear Holes

(By the way, this all happened yesterday, folks.)

Well first of all we woke up to this in our front yard:

A whole family of wild turkeys: mom, dad and about 5 young ones. Very cool.

Okay, now for the big news. This is how Nat decided to spend some of her birthday money:

She got her ears pierced!

Here's the after pic, which you can't see the earrings too well, but it was kind of cute because she was crying, but she wanted a picture so she dabbed her eyes dry and did her best to smile. Awwww.

I don't know why all of a sudden she decided she wanted her ears done, but about 2 weeks ago she made the decision and has been pestering ever since. This from the worry wart who was more upset than Shelby when she got hers done, and this from the child who literally freaks out when she has to have a vaccination, so much so, that the last time I didn't tell her she was going until we pulled up in the doctor's office parking lot (and then she commenced acting like someone was pulling her toenails off--before we even got in the door).

Yeah, I didn't think she'd volunteer for a piercing of any kind until she was well into her 30's at least. And then I figured she'd have to be anesthetized. Just goes to show, 'mom don't know everything'!

Anyway because gas is so flippin' expensive, I didn't want to drive all the way to the valley to get her ears done, and we already tried Wal-mart and had a bad experience (with Sis many years ago), so I decided to see if anyone in town offered the service, and what do you know, I found a salon that did. On the phone I asked her if she used a gun, and she said yes (but when we arrived, I found out it wasn't the same as the guns that they use at the places in the mall). This was more like a modified stapler. (I guess it still beats a hot needle and a potato though.)

And the lady didn't actually have 2 earrings that matched. The closest she had were a flower shaped one and a cross shaped one. I asked Nat if that was ok, and she said yes, so we went for it. The lady was very good with Nat, but after she did the first one, poor Nat lost it and broke down in tears. I'll give Nat her props though, cause she told the lady to go ahead and do the other one (I figured she would just leave with one ear pierced at that point).

Nat is very proud of her earrings and is even a bit of an over achiever when it comes to cleaning and turning them. Her instructions were to do that twice a day, but she does it at least 4-5. The best thing though, is that the day that the 6 weeks is up and she can put other earrings in is also the first day of school. She is thrilled that she will be able to wear new earrings on the first day of school. Go Nat!


Anonymous said...

Love the turkeys. :>)

Brave little Nat .... what a trooper.

~Big Sis

Magirk said...

What a brave girl! :-) So sweet.

Hope she enjoys those pierced ears.

(And I hope you don't mind my reading this even though I'm not Auntie or Grandma Pat! hee hee) ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Magirk said...

And, awesome turkeys, BTW! That must have been so cool.

Holly said...

Cool turkeys. We had a pair of mallard ducks in our yard for most of the spring. It was so cool.

Way to go Nat! I remember getting mine done when I was 11.

Hick said...

I think Aly was 8 when she got her ears pierced the first time. She was really crying and went overboard on the alcohol on the ears thing. But then, she let her holes grow back and had to get them repierced when she was about 13 or so.

That is the cutest picture of Nat.