Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Ate What?

Today at church during Primary (the children's class), after I taught my lesson, the music leader came up with a big bowl and spoon, an apron, and handed out small squares of paper to the kids. She then told them that if they mixed the right ingredients together, their song would give them a sweet surprise. She then quizzed them on Called to Serve, the song we've been learning this month. They were allowed to add their ingredient (piece of paper) and stir it in after answering the questions whether they answered right or not.

Nat was the only one that gave an iffy answer, so at the end, the music leader handed out spoons to the kids and revealed what it was that the class had cooked up: a bowl of whipped cream sprinkled with green beans and pepper!

The other kids were a bit confused and tentative, but not my girls, they eagerly approached with their spoons and took a big bite. Yum! They just didn't get that it was supposed to be gross. Because of my girls' enthusiasm some of the other kids dug in too. Their response wasn't so enthusiastic however.

Well, the leader went through the song with the kids and once they figured out the mistake and were able to sing the song, she revealed what they had cooked up the second time around: whipped cream covered in blueberries. The kids each got a spoonful and the consensus was that it was much better!

At the end of class when everyone was gone except me and the music leader, my girls asked if they could finish up the treat. She gave them the go ahead--they commenced to licking both bowls clean, green beans and all. They are SO their father's daughters! Honestly, I've never seen him turn his nose up to anything, and if it's covered in pepper so much the better!

Yeah, we don't need any fancy paternity tests around here, just a bowl of whipped cream and green beans will do the trick!

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