Friday, July 4, 2008

A Mini Vacation

For 3 weeks I've been counting down to the day that we got to go to San Francisco to visit Cam and see Wall-E with him. Since he's studying animation at college, it's fun to see the Pixar flicks with him. Who knows, maybe someday we'll see his name in the credits.

We set the date of July 2nd to correspond with all of our days off from work, and I've been so excited this last week leading up to it, I could hardly stand myself.

At any rate, the big day finally arrived and Nat and Shelby and I took off for the City. Yay! It's nice to get off the mountain once in a while!

Sis intended to go with us, but at her orthodontic appointment on Tuesday, her doctor told her that if she could get a quick x-ray on Wednesday, and return on Thursday morning, that he would remove her "rotating palatal expander" that looked similar to this photo (and which I had the "joy" of cranking one turn every night for the first 6 weeks she had it in. Ewww).

If she didn't take that particular appointment, the next opening would be in August. Ugh. She's had her expander in for almost a year, and she's been so anxious to get it out and get reacquainted with the roof of her mouth, that she made the difficult decision to stay home.

Wednesday we made it to the City in good time, even though I have difficulty driving more than 60 mph. I'm out of practice driving on freeways, and on mountain roads you just don't usually get the chance to go over 55, let alone go 65+ with hundreds of other cars zooming and zipping along with you (or around you, in my case).

We enjoyed the movie, heck, I enjoyed the movie theater itself: several stories high, the biggest snack bar I'd ever seen and I-don't-know-how-many-screens. Wooo-doggies! I kind of felt like Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies! Nat sat on Cam's lap for the whole show. I'm glad he was tolerant of his little wiggly sister that needed her big brother fix!

Cam's sweet girlfriend Cassie was gracious enough to let us stay at her place for the night (a nice 4 bedroom house she shares with 3 other college students), and I tried to repay her kindness with a home-cooked meal, followed by warm brownies from the oven and bake-and-serve cinnamon rolls the next morning. (I'm smart enough to know that the way to a college student's heart is through their stomach.)

The girls were fascinated by the train that rumbled by every 10 minutes right outside.

But even more intriguing to Nat was that we had to make sure our car was moved off the street the next morning for the weekly visit of the street sweeper. She had lots of questions about the street sweeper and SO wanted to wait for the sweeper to come the next day, but we needed to go before it arrived. On our way back to drop Cam and Cass off after our busy day, Nat says, "Well there's a boring street sweeper.", and I looked to see what she was referring to and saw a man sweeping the sidewalk! Yes, a boring street sweeper indeed!

(Coincidentally on our arrival back to our little community that evening, we passed a street sweeper who happened to be cleaning a dirty part of the highway caused by recent construction. Hurrah! A real life street sweeper. Curiosity fulfilled!)

On Thursday we enjoyed a fun day at the San Francisco Zoo,

a trip across the Golden Gate with a windy picnic at the vista point,

then a quick trip to the beach.

SO. MUCH. FUN. I can't even tell you.

The other thing the girls loved was that to enter Cassie's house there's a buzzer that unlocks the gate at the bottom of the stairs. They had lots of fun pushing the buzzer so someone could enter or exit. Gosh, next time I could save a lot of money and just let them ride the Muni, push the buzzer and wait to see the street sweeper! Who needs a movie and a trip to the zoo when you have girls this easy to entertain?

What a fun couple of days and it was so nice to spend time with Cam and get to know Cassie better (she loves penguins and she actually was bitten by a rabid dog when she was 5 and had to go through all the rabies shots---wow!) She's very fun to be around and very good with my Cam's exuberant little sisters. (So thanks guys for letting us come visit! I hope we can do it again soon!)


Holly said...

You've just made me homesick! (Although you can't pay me enough to ride Muni!) What an awesome mini vacation. I love the picture of Bub walking with his sisters. That is precious.

I had one of those expanders. I hated it. I cried every time my dad had to turn it. It was horrible. I really feel for Sis. I'm so glad she's got it out.

Magirk said...

I probably would have made the same decision Sis made about the expander. It just doesn't look that pleasant, and I would want it off at the first opportunity.

Those are some sweet pictures. :-)

And it sounds like such a fun trip.