Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And They're Off!

To School!

Shelby is in 4th grade, Nat is in 1st. Now that Nat's out of kindergarten, she'll be going full days to school. It's going to be weird--for me that is. All my babies are officially in school full days. The end of an era of sorts.

Sis is a senior. She's not dressed up, because she's in Link Crew (hence the t-shirt), which is the group of kids that does the new student orientation (yesterday) and helps students find their classes and such today. She was very excited about going back to school because she's so social and involved with everything.

Sis had someone side-swipe her yesterday. She was heading back home from her orthodontic appointment and was in a left turn lane. Someone behind her got impatient and went around, and dragged their car mirror all the way down the side of her dad's truck. They never stopped or anything. She was pretty upset and called me, and I told her she needed to call the police and file a report. There's a nasty scrape on the passenger's side now, and she feels really bad. It wasn't her fault though. Unfortunately they weren't able to track down the other car.

At any rate, the house is too quiet, and I can't wait to go pick up the girls and see how they liked their first day. I'm happy about the teachers they were assigned to and am anticipating a good year for all of them!


Magirk said...

Cute, cute girls! :-D Love those pictures.

I hope the new school year will be good for all. And how exciting to have another Senior in the family, eh?? (ha!)

Seriously. Your daughters are so cute.

Way to go! ;-)

Holly said...

Darling pictures. I hope it went well for them. I'm anxiously awaiting my two coming home!

Emy5 said...

Happy school days!

Sorry about the side swipe. Very disappointing when nobody owns up to something like that.

Anonymous said...

"Our" girls are growing up so fast .... can't you stop that somehow?

~Big Sis