Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes They Get It!

Husband tells me tonight that he was talking to the nice young couple down the street from us and found out they're looking for a home to buy. He told them we were probably going to do a short sale with ours and they were pretty excited about it.

And guess what? He told them that they could look at the house... soon as he got clearance from me that it was ok to have people come look at the house.

Yes, he finally gets that I don't like nice people traipsing through my house without proper warning. And that it makes a much better impression on people when the house is in a semi-respectable state of cleanliness. Hallelujah!

So as soon as I get a day off, I'll get a shovel or a backhoe or stick of dynamite or something and clean the place up and maybe we can get it sold.


Holly said...

Good for him to get the lesson!!! I sure hope you can sell it quickly. Good luck!!

angela michelle said...

Seriously, I was thinking today how great it'll be when my cleaning approach doesn't resemble a backhoe. Hope you can nab those buyers soon!

Rose said...

The old shovel trick works well with an empty oven, too (LOL). Just don't turn it on before you take all the stuff out. Oh, I kid-- I have never done that (yet) but if I had my house for sale, I might consider it! You could also throw everything in a box (I have been known to do that once in a while!)

Magirk said...

LOL about the backhoe and dynamite! :-D

Good for Mike. ;-)

And good luck to you getting things in order and selling that house!

I'll have my fingers crossed for you until it sells.

Anonymous said...

Sell house sell!
Also, yay husband's who learn their lesson. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Just when you're at your wit's end, they up and surprise you. :>)

~Big Sis