Friday, April 25, 2008


My poor little Nat had a terrible night last night. She's had a cough that's been keeping her awake the last couple nights, but yesterday it got really bad, then she spiked a fever, then even after cough medicine and Tylenol she barely slept at all. I've never heard anyone cough so much. I had her sleep next to me so I could make sure she was ok, so every time she woke up coughing I woke up too. We were finally able to get a few hours sleep together this morning. I'm still half catatonic though.

I made a doctor's appointment for her because last night all these horrible diseases started running through my head. What if she has pneumonia?! What if it's whooping cough and I've infected the entire school by letting her go on Thursday?! (I was reading that kids that are vaccinated are getting whooping cough anyway, so that's where that came from.) What if it's some sort of dread lung infection?!

On the way to the doctor's office, I just knew they were going to berate me for being a horrible mother by waiting too long for her to be seen, then have me rush her to the hospital where she would be put on a ventilator. I was trying to plan how I would call the daycare parents to tell them I couldn't watch their kids today, and trying to think who could watch Shelby at the last minute while I was sitting beside my poor neglected and ailing daughter's bed, all the while kicking myself for not taking her directly to the hospital at 3am like should have.

Well, of course she never even coughed at the doctor's office, her temp was only 98.9, and she was telling the doc all about her brother and sisters while putting her chewing gum on the end of her nose so the doc could look in her throat. It turns out I'm not a horrible neglectful mother after all, and she just has a virus combined with allergies that are easily treated with over the counter meds. Whew! That was a close call though!

I'm not sure why I always think the worst when my kids are sick. Maybe it's just a normal mom-thing. I just hate seeing my kids not feeling well, and always feel like I should be able to magically make them all better.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! It's kind of like taking your car to the mechanic only to have it magically stop making all those strange rattling noises (lol!). :>) Please give Little Miss Nat a hug and a kiss from her Aunt and tell her I'm glad she's feeling better.

~Big Sis

Emy5 said...

Sorry you had a scare. Yes mom's do fear the worst, at least I do. Hope Nat is soon back to normal.

Hick said...

oh my sound just like me. Or, when my husband is late and he doesn't call I literally start planning his funeral and wondering how I will survive, will I have to sell the house, what kind of job can I do after all these years, etc.

At least I'm not alone.