Monday, April 7, 2008

Meet The Parents

Sis arranged for us to host a barbecue to meet her boyfriend and his parents yesterday evening. Mike did (as usual) all the cooking -- tri-tip, his famous BBQ beans, salad and rabbit that he acquired from a friend. (What no squirrel? How will they know we're rednecks? Oh that's right, the stuff in our yard gives us away.)

Sis invited her dad too, and he arrived bearing his famous chocolate cream filled cupcakes.

Funny, this was our first time having her dad over, and at first I admit I was a bit nervous. Our divorce was particularly bad and for many years we couldn't even speak to one another. Thankfully in the last couple years that has improved to where we can have phone conversations and there is no longer tension when either one of us is at the other's home to pick up or drop off the kids.

As the evening wore on, he and I even had a normal conversation and the nervousness was completely gone. I'm so glad for the sake of Cam and Sis that we can come together as civilized people once again. Yay!

I was impressed that her boyfriend made a point of coming up to both Mike and I and introducing himself with a handshake. His parents, even though they live "down the hill" now, had previously lived up in our community and Mike and the dad knew a lot of the same people from way back and were not at a lack for conversation.

I could tell that the boyfriend's mom has a particular fondness for Sis. She has 2 boys, so I'm sure having a girl around is kind of fun for her.

Anyway, the Meet the Parents BBQ was a success, and we all had a great time getting to know one another. And everyone enjoyed the rabbit. Go figure.


Holly said...

Whew! I'm glad it all went well. It's got to be nice, too, to have things somewhat resolved between you and the kids' dad. I've never had rabbit before. Does it really taste like chicken? ;)

Magirk said...

Glad things went well. :)

I admire you for being able to look past the divorce and interact 'civilized.'

My parents divorced too, and for a few years it was awkward. But they've always really tried to do the best they can to be civil and be at the same gatherings (BBQ's, Christmas parties, etc.) so we can all feel normal to a certain extent.

I imagine it must be difficult at first. But I'm really proud of them for being able to be grown up about it (so to speak - haha).

Sounds like a fun time! :)