Wednesday, October 15, 2008

21 Years Ago Today...

My little boy was born. Of course he's not so little anymore, but he'll always be MY little boy.

Cam was a great little kid. Everyone made such a fuss about how difficult it was to raise a boy and how rambunctious and hard to control boys were. Well, that wasn't my experience at all. Cam was an extremely mellow child. When he was 2 my mom and I would take him and go antique shopping. We would kind of see the store owners cringe when they saw Cam come in with us, but he was always very content just looking at things. If something caught his eye he would be content just to look at it for the longest time and absorb every little detail of it.
I would often get comments from people who would be surprised at my son's mellow behavior. Of course I would chalk it up to my superior parenting skills, but I now realize that it was just his personality and had nothing to do with me at all (energetic child Sis came along and gave me that reality check!)

Cam always loved vehicles and trains of all kinds. He had to have a car in each hand when we left to go somewhere and he called them "go-go's". His dad taught him all about trains when he was very young and it wasn't unusual to go by the train yard and hear him in the back seat naming all the cars he saw, "hopper car, auto rack, tank car", etc. He also knew the difference between a diesel and steam locomotive.

Cam has an eye for details. When he was little he would draw vehicles and wouldn't be satisfied until he had drawn every reflector and lug nut on them. He is now majoring in computer animation in college and I think his eye for detail is now paying off for him. He's done some amazing projects and sculptures.

Cam is an excellent big brother. He's always set a good example for all his little sisters. I think honesty and patience are two of his strong suits.

Anyway, he's just an all around great kid (can I still call him a kid now that he's in his 20's?), and I'm an extremely lucky mom to have him for a son. Happy Birthday Cam!


LisAway said...

He sounds like a great kid. Mellow is good. I've got three like that. I consider it a huge blessing.

I love the "go-gos." So cute!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday. He sounds like an awesome boy!

Magirk said...

Sounds like a great guy. ;-)

I know he deserves a lot of credit, but good job to you too, Mom. :-)

Happy Birthday to him! (Like, two weeks late! Sheesh!)